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Officetool is Available in 7 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian


You can evaluate Officetool for 30 days see: License


Officetool is a program that saves your documents, email and activities and can link them to your relationships and/or projects.

A relationship can contain multiple locations or addresses, departments and individuals.

There can be associated with projects, documents, email and activities.


A project can have a main or sub project with a project number, location, status, search arguments and free fields.

This project can be linked to relationship, documents, email and activities


Documents can be imported and linked to relationships, persons and projects or generated using Templates, where relational, personal and project data will be filled in automatically.

In Dossiers everything comes together and there are extensive search capabilities available.

Officetool works closely with Microsoft Outlook.

Mail can be imported from the "Inbox", where relationship and / or persons are automatically linked.


Mail can be sent from Officetool like plain text.

If Microsoft Office is installed, mail can be made like Outlook in a Microsoft Word-like environment.

Activities can also be tracked in Officetool.


In My Officetool you can set personal standards, such as mail signature, search functions in files etc.


Your benefits:


   Officetool saves much time. Everything can be found, including the documents of the sick colleague.
   Internal procedures can remain unchanged (no restructuring costs).
   Any user can operate Officetool without course (no high implementation costs).
   Overview and consistent relationship of related data.
   So: Savings, Quality Improvement, Overview and Consistency. It's a significant contribution to the effectiveness of your business without additional work.


The principles:


   Universal software with a high degree of flexibility.
   Existing methods remain for the most part maintained.
   All data have to be entered only once.
   All the information is immediately available to all authorized users after entering.
   All data are accessible at anytime and at the same time from different perspectives.


For more information http://www.officetool.nl or support@officetool.nl